Overview of MarketGardenPro

Welcome to the MarketGardenPro documentation. Here you can learn how to begin managing your market garden more effectively with our software.

Many factors which might impact your farm's productivity lie outside of your control. Such as bad weather, pests and diseases.

MarketGardenPro is designed to help you better plan and implement the things that are in your control.

Estimating things like crop yield are by no means an exact science, but if you are not tracking your yields to begin with, you're left guessing many other things, such as labor costs, packaging, compost and ultimately, sales and revenue.

Getting started

Your season should begin with a crop plan.

If you feel a great deal of uncertainty at the beginning of every season, planning your crops and estimating yields is the starting point for a process we believe creates more certainty, and ultimately results in better chance of a successful, profitable harvest.

Once you have this plan, you can then start building out the Tasks required around the farm, and how much these tasks will cost, both in materials and labor.

You can also begin creating the Products you plan to sell at various times of the year based on which Crops will be available.

If you're not already selling online, MarketGardenPro allows you to instantly setup an Online Shop and begin accepting digital payments.


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